Gilad Amir

Gilad G Amir, AltFi expert, UK

Gilad is a seasoned fintech entrepreneur with extensive background in M&A. Gilad was the Head of Fintech of Lloyds Banking Group, where he harnessed relationships with FinTechs and disruptive techs to support Lloyds Banking Group digital market leadership and transformation. Prior to LBG, Gilad did a variety of roles as a founder, CEO, Director and advisory board member in multiple fintechs including EZBOB, Satago (acquired by Oxygen Finance), Paze and others, more specifically around alternative lending platforms, credit decisioning systems and BFM. Gilad was also the turnaround CFO of Insightix (acquired by McAfee) and had been doing M&A and audit at Ernst & Young M&A and High-tech practice.

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FTh = B² | Regulation, Risk & Governance


There is no doubt that this new wave of innovation is changing the face of banking as we know it. Despite all the pressure, incumbent banks are still best positioned to benefit from these developments. One of the key questions incumbent banks need an answer to is: “How do we manage, and effectively implement both […]