Menno van Leeuwen

Business & Customer Development Lead, Moneyou (Netherlands)

Menno van Leeuwen is Head of Business & Customer Development at Moneyou. Moneyou is ABN AMRO’s digital international retail brand.


Menno has a wide experience in sales, marketing, tech & innovation. Previous he was leading an innovation team at ABN AMRO’s Innovation Centre focussing on themes such as open banking and blockchain.


As of 2016 Menno moved to Moneyou as part of ABN AMRO’s strategy to promote challenger initiatives. Menno started the development of Moneyou Go, the mobile banking app for savers & spenders. His team was also involved in launching consumer lending and Tikkie, peer to peer payment request service, both in Germany. Co-creation with innovative companies, fintechs & clients is core strategy of Moneyou and of Menno.



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