Morten Kriek

Founder, CIS BANKERS, Estonia

Morten has 20 years of experience helping global financial institutions reduce their costs and increase their revenue through technology. He is also the founder of CIS bankers, which is the largest platform for banking and finance executives in Eastern Europe and the former USSR to exchange experiences, views and ideas for positive development of the region’s banking sector.

Until January of this year he was responsible for Enterprise Business Development at Moven Enterprise, a disruptive mobile first customer experience as a service solution for global firms providing financial services.

Prior to Moven, Morten was Regional Director CIS for CR2, one of the world’s leading and most innovative vendors of omni-channel banking solutions. His experience at CR2 included helping financial institutions with the development and successful implementation of their omni-channel strategies

Morten holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Strategy from IE Business School in Madrid and as a former pro-athlete has a passion for ice hockey and cricket.

My Sessions

FTh = B² | European FinTech Landscape


This session explores the recent trends and developments in the European FinTech landscape, and the benefits that FinTech can offer to consumers and firms in terms of access to financial services and strengthening financial inclusion. We will look at which FinTechs can improve services, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and speed up innovation in the EU financial services […]


FTh = B² | Viable alternatives to B²


As we have mentioned before, this wave of innovation called FinTech will change the face of banking as we know it. We believe incumbent banks will come out on top, as Better Banks. There are however some viable alternatives scenarios describing the potential impact of FinTech on banks. These scenarios are not mutually exclusive and […]