Remco Neuteboom

Chief Digital Officer, Atos Global Financial Services, Netherlands

Remco Neuteboom is Chief Digital Officer at Atos Global Financial Services: which offers support with consulting, implementation and BPO on customer experience enabling services. Working from a specialist perspective on organization-wide standard packaged solutions, we examine the business case, up to creating the appropriate Omni-Channel Banking & Insurance & Customer Analytic/ DNA strategy and related services.

Remco focuses on strategy, business & product development and go-2-market in the global Financial Services market with focus on digital transformation of customer experience and seamless & rich integration to back-offices of retail banks and insurers. Driving both customer intimacy & value based selling to the end customer of a bank and insurer.

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FTh = B² | Viable alternatives to B²


As we have mentioned before, this wave of innovation called FinTech will change the face of banking as we know it. We believe incumbent banks will come out on top, as Better Banks. There are however some viable alternatives scenarios describing the potential impact of FinTech on banks. These scenarios are not mutually exclusive and […]